sabato 27 dicembre 2014

Italian Game, Two Knights Defense, Ulvestad Variation (C57)

venerdì 26 dicembre 2014

Fritz-Ulvestad gambit

[Event "?"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "????.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "?"]
[Black "?"]
[Result "*"]
[Annotator "Komodo 1288.00 64-bit"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 $201 Nc6 $10 3.Bc4 Nf6 $201 4.Ng5 $10
    {+0.06 / +0.15}
    ( 4.d3 Bc5 5.Nc3 h6 6.O-O O-O 7.Nd5 Nxd5 8.Bxd5 d6 9.c3 Qf6 10.Be3 Bb6 11.a4 Be6 12.Qb3 Na5 13.Qc2 c6 14.Bxe6 Qxe6 15.Bxb6 axb6 16.b4 $10 )
4...d5 5.exd5 $201 b5 $14
    {+0.52 / +0.12}
    ( 5...Na5 6.Bb5+ c6 7.dxc6 bxc6 8.Bd3 Nd5 9.Nf3 Bd6 10.O-O Nf4 11.Re1 Nxd3 12.cxd3 O-O 13.Nc3 f6 14.b3 Re8 15.Ne4 c5 16.Ba3 Nb7 17.Rc1 Be6 18.h3 Qc7 $10 )
6.Bf1 $201 Nd4 $6 $14
    {+0.85 / +0.31}
    ( 6...Qxd5 7.Nc3 Qc5 8.Bxb5 Be7 9.b4 Qb6 10.Qf3 Bd7 11.Bc4 O-O 12.Nxf7 Rxf7 13.b5 Rf8 14.bxc6 Bxc6 15.Qe2 Bxg2 16.Rg1 Bc6 17.Bxf7+ Rxf7 18.Rb1 Qd4 19.Qe3 Qd8 20.Qxa7 Nd7 21.Qa6 Bf3 22.Qe6 c6 $10 )
7.c3 Nxd5 $201 8.cxd4 $14
    {+0.81 / +0.86}
    ( )
8...Qxg5 9.Bxb5+ Kd8 10.Qf3 exd4 11.Bc6 Nf4 12.Bxa8 Bg4 $201 13.Qe4 $2 $17
    {-2.80 / -0.48}
    ( 13.Qc6 Nd3+ $10 )
13...Bd6 $201 14.O-O $6 $19
    {-3.74 / -2.78}
    ( 14.g3 Qb5 15.gxf4 Re8 16.d3 f5 17.a4 Qb4+ 18.Nd2 fxe4 19.Bxe4 Bxf4 20.Rg1 Bf5 21.f3 g6 22.Kd1 Be6 23.Rg2 Kd7 24.Re2 Bd6 25.Kc2 c6 26.Kb1 Kc7 27.Nf1 Bb3 28.Bg5 $17 )
14...Re8 $201 15.Qxh7 $2 $19
    {-6.66 / -3.90}
    ( 15.Qxf4 Qxf4 16.g3 Qf5 17.Na3 Bh3 18.Bg2 Bxg2 19.Kxg2 Re2 20.d3 Bxa3 21.bxa3 Qxd3 22.Kg1 c5 23.Bg5+ f6 24.Bf4 g5 25.Bd6 c4 26.Bc5 Qe4 27.Rab1 d3 28.Rb8+ Kd7 29.Rf8 Qc6 30.Bd4 Qd6 31.Rf7+ Ke8 $19 )
15...Bf5 16.h4 Nh3+ 17.Kh1 Qf4 18.g3 Nxf2+
    ( 18...Nxf2+ { 20:-327.47} 19.Kg1 Qxg3+ 20.Bg2 Nh3+ 21.Kh1 Qh2# )

sabato 6 dicembre 2014

Another Englund

[Event "?"] [Site "?"] [Date "2014.12.06"] [Round "?"] [White "Meridiense"] [Black "Marco Saba"] [Result "0-1"] [Annotator "Komodo 1288.00 64-bit"] 1.d4 e5 2.dxe5 Nc6 3.Nf3 d6 $201 4.exd6 $10 ( 4.Bg5 Be7 5.Bxe7 Qxe7 6.exd6 cxd6 7.Nc3 Nf6 8.e3 h6 9.h3 a6 10.a3 O-O 11.Bd3 Be6 12.O-O Rac8 13.Qe2 Qc7 14.Rad1 Qb6 15.b4 Ne5 16.Nxe5 dxe5 $14 ) 4...Bxd6 5.e3 Bg4 $201 6.Be2 $10 $201 {+0.31 / +0.35} ( 6.h3 Bh5 7.Be2 Nf6 8.c4 Qe7 9.Nc3 O-O 10.O-O Rad8 11.Qb3 Bb4 12.Rd1 Rxd1+ 13.Qxd1 Bxc3 14.bxc3 Bxf3 15.Bxf3 Ne4 16.Qb3 Nc5 17.Qc2 $10 ) 6...Qe7 $10 $201 {+0.38 / +0.31} ( 6...Nf6 7.h3 Bxf3 8.Bxf3 O-O 9.Nc3 Qe7 10.Bxc6 bxc6 11.Qf3 c5 12.O-O Rfd8 13.Rd1 Qe5 14.Bd2 Rab8 15.b3 Qh2+ 16.Kf1 Qh1+ 17.Ke2 $10 ) 7.O-O $10 {+0.23 / +0.38} ( 7.h3 Bf5 8.Nc3 Nf6 9.Bd3 Bg6 10.O-O Rd8 11.Bd2 O-O 12.Qe2 a6 13.Rad1 Bh5 14.a3 Ne5 15.g4 Bg6 16.e4 Nxf3+ $10 ) 7...O-O-O 8.Nbd2 $201 Nh6 $14 $201 {+0.59 / +0.31} ( 8...Nf6 9.h3 Bh5 10.c3 Kb8 11.a4 Rhe8 12.Qb3 Ka8 13.Rd1 a6 14.Qa2 Ne5 15.b4 Bxf3 16.Nxf3 Ne4 17.Bb2 Nxf3+ 18.Bxf3 f5 $10 ) 9.Nd4 $4 $17 $201 {-2.64 / +0.59} ( 9.h3 Bh5 10.c3 Kb8 11.Nd4 Nxd4 12.cxd4 Bxe2 13.Qxe2 Nf5 14.Nf3 Rhe8 15.Qc4 c6 16.Bd2 f6 17.Rae1 Qe4 18.Rc1 Rd7 19.Bb4 Bxb4 20.Qxb4 Qd5 $14 ) 9...Bxh2+ $2 {-1.09 / -2.64} ( 9...Bxe2 $17 ) 10.Kxh2 Bxe2 $201 11.Nxc6 $4 $19 {-327.42 / -1.08} ( 11.Qxe2 ) 11...Qh4+ 12.Kg1 Ng4 13.Nf3 Bxf3 ( 13...Bxf3 { 20:-327.45} 14.Ne7+ Kb8 15.Qd6 cxd6 16.Nc6+ Bxc6 17.Re1 Qxf2+ 18.Kh1 Qxe1# ) 0-1

domenica 2 novembre 2014

Spagnola, Gambetto Marshall: patta secondo "Komodo 8"

(25 ply) Posizione dopo la 35° mossa: =

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 O-O 8.c3 d5
9.exd5 e4 10.dxc6 exf3 11.d4 fxg2 12.Qf3 a5 13.a4 bxa4 14.Rxa4 Re8 15.h3
Ba6 16.Rxa5 Bd6 17.Be3 Bd3 18.Rxa8 Qxa8 19.Nd2 Bg6 20.Qxg2 Nh5 21.Rd1 Qb8
22.Bd5 Qxb2 23.Nc4 Qc2 24.Rc1 Qxc1+ 25.Bxc1 Re1+ 26.Qf1 Rxf1+ 27.Kxf1 Bd3+
28.Ke1 Nf6 29.Kd2 Bf1 30.Nxd6 Nxd5 31.Ke1 Ba6 32.c4 cxd6 33.cxd5 Kf8 34.
Kd2 Ke7 35.Ke3 Bc4 *

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3 O-O 8.c3 d5 9.exd5 e4 10.dxc6 exf3 11.g3 Bg4 12.d4 Re8 13.Bf4 Nd5 14.Re4 Be6 15.Nd2 Nxf4 16.Rxf4 Bg5 17.Rxf3 Bxb3 18.Nxb3 Qd5 19.Nc5 Be7 20.Qd3 Bxc5 21.Rf5 Qxc6 22.Rxc5 Qb7 23.Re5 Rxe5 24.dxe5 Re8 25.Rd1 Qb6 26.Qd7 Kf8 27.Qd4 Qe6 28.Qc5+ Qe7 29.Rd5 Qxc5 30.Rxc5 Rd8 31.b4 Rd2 32.a3 Ra2 33.Rxc7 Rxa3 34.Kg2 a5 35.bxa5 Rxa5 36.Rc5 Ra3 37.Kh3 Rb3 38.f4 Rb2 39.f5 Ke8 40.Rc8+ Kd7 41.Rb8 Rf2 42.Rb7+ Ke8 43.g4 g5 44.Rxb5 Rf3+ 45.Kg2 Rxc3 46.Kf2 Rc4 47.h3 Re4 48.Kf3 Re1 49.Ra5 Kf8 50.Kg2 Re2+ 51.Kf1 Re3 52.Kf2 Re4 53.Rc5 Kg7 54.Kf3 Re1 55.Rd5 h5 56.Ra5 Kh6 57.Rc5 Kg7 58.gxh5 Kh6 59.Rc6+ Kxh5 60.Rf6 Rxe5 61.Rxf7 Kh6 62.Rf6+ Kh5 63.Rf8 Kh6 64.Rf7 Re1 65.Rf6+ Kh5 66.Rg6 Re5 67.Rf6 Re1 68.Re6 Rf1+ 69.Ke4 Rh1 70.Ke5 Rxh3 71.Rg6 g4 72.Rg8 Re3+ 73.Kf4 Rf3+ 74.Ke4 Kh4 75.Ke5 Kh3 76.Rh8+ Kg2 77.f6 g3 78.Ke6 Kf2 79.f7 g2 80.f8=Q g1=Q 81.Qc5+ Re3+ 82.Kf7 Qb1 83.Rh2+ Kg1 84.Qxe3+ Kxh2 =

Genetic Algorithms for Evolving Computer Chess Programs

Automatic Learning of Evaluation, with Applications to Computer Chess

mercoledì 20 agosto 2014

FIDE Trainers' Commission - List of Books in English

FIDE Trainers' Commission - List of Books in English - By Jeroen Bosch (IM & FST)
Proposed Books for Trainees
NAuthorTitlePublisherYear of Publication
1AagaardJacobAttacking Chess (volumes 1 and 2)Gambit Publications2010
2AagaardJacobGrandmaster Preparation (whole series has 4 volumes)Quality Chess2012-2013
3Afek & Emmanuel NeimanYochananInvisible Chess MovesNew in Chess2011
4AlekhineAlexanderNew York 1924Russell Enterprises2009
5Bareev & Ilya LevitovEvgenyFrom London to ElistaNew in Chess2007
6BeimValeriBack to Basics: StrategyRussell Enterprises2011
7BeimValeriHow to Play Dynamic ChessGambit Publications2004
8Beliavsky, Oleg Stetsko & Adrian MikhalchishinAlexanderIsolani Strategy: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen´s PawnRussian Chess House2012
9BologanVictorVictor Bologan Selected Games 1985-2004Russell Enterprises2007
10BoschJeroenThe Combat SimulatorNew in Chess2006
11BotvinnikMikhailBotvinnik-Smyslov: Three World Chess Championship MatchesNew in Chess2009
12BronsteinDavidZurich International Chess Tournament 1953Dover Publications1979
13Bronzik & Anatoli TerekhinValeriTechniques of Positional PlayNew in Chess2013
14CrouchColinMagnus ForceEveryman Chess2013
15De la Villa GarciaJesus100 Endgames You Must KnowNew in Chess2008
16DvoretskyMarkDvoretsky´s Analytical ManualEdition Olms Zurich2008
17DvoretskyMarkDvoretsky´s Endgame Manual: 3rd (revised and enlarged) editonRussell Enterprises2011
18DvoretskyMarkTragicomedy in the Endgame: Instructive Mistakes of the MastersRussell Enterprises2011
19Dvoretsky & Arthur YusupovMarkSchool of Chess Excellence - 4 volumesEdition Olms Zurich2001-2003
20Dvoretsky & Arthur YusupovMarkSchool of Future Champions - 5 volumesEdition Olms Zurich2006-2009
21Dvoretsky & Oleg PervakovMarkStudies for Practical PlayersRussell Enterprises2009
22EingornViacheslavDecision-Making at the ChessboardGambit Publications2003
23EvansLarryNew Ideas In ChessCardoza Publishing2011
24FischerRobert JamesMy 60 Memorable GamesBatsford Chess2008
25Franco & Colin CrouchZenonHow to Defend in Chess: Learn from the World ChampionsGambit Publications2007
26GaprindashviliPaataCritical Moments in ChessBatsford Chess2010
27Gershon & Igor NorAlikSan Luis 2005Quality Chess2007
28GrivasEfstratiosChess College (1-3)Gambit Publications2006
29GrivasEfstratiosModern Chess PlanningGambit Publications2007
30GrivasEfstratiosPractical Endgame Play - Mastering the BasicsEveryman Chess2008
31GrivasEfstratiosChess AnalyticsRussell Enterprises2012
32GrootenHermanChess Strategy for ClubplayersNew in Chess2009
33Gulko & Joel R. SneedBorisLessons with a Grandmaster (I and II)Everyman Chess2011-2012
34HansenLars BoImprove Your Chess: by Learning from the ChampionsGambit Publications2009
35HawkinsJonathanAmateur to IMMongoose2012
36HellstenJohanMastering Chess Strategy series (3 volumes)Everyman Chess2010-2013
37KarolyiTiborKarpov's Strategic Wins (2 volumes; The Making of a Champion & The Prime Years)Quality Chess2011
38KarpovAnatolyAnatoly Karpov: My Best GamesEdition Olms Zurich2007
39KasparovGarryGarry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov: Part I 1973-1985; Part II: 1985-1993Everyman Chess2011-2013
40KasparovGarryon Modern Chess (volumes I-IV)Everyman Chess2007-2010
41KasparovGarryon My Great Predecessors (volumes I-V)Everyman Chess2003-2006
42KhenkinVictor1000 Checkmate CombinationsBatsford Chess2011
43KmochHansPawn Power in ChessDover Publications1990
44KortchnoiViktorMy Best Games (Updated and Revised Anniversary Edition)Edition Olms Zurich2011
45KosikovAlexeiElements of Chess StrategyGambit Publications2010
46KotovAlexanderPlay Like a GrandmasterBatsford Chess2003
47KotovAlexanderThink Like a GrandmasterBatsford Chess2003
48Kotronias & Sotiris LogothetisVassiliosCarlsen's Assault on the ThroneQuality Chess2013
49LakwadaleCyrusChess Legends Move by Move (Capablanca, Kramnik, Botvinnik)Everyman Chess2012-2013
50LarsenBentBent Larsen´s Best Games of ChessHardinge Simpole Publishing2003
51LipnitskyIsaacQuestions of Modern Chess TheoryQuality Chess2008
52MarinMihailSecrets of Attacking ChessGambit Publications2005
53MarinMihailSecrets of Chess DefenceGambit Publications2003
54MarinMihailLearn from the LegendsQuality Chess2006
55McDonaldNeilBreak the RulesEveryman Chess2012
56Mikhalchishin & Oleg StetskoAdrianFighting Chess with Magnus CarlsenOlms2011
57MinevNikolayA Practical guide to Rook EndgamesRussell Enterprises2004
58MoskalenkoViktorRevolutionize Your ChessNew in Chess2009
59Muller & Frank LamprechtKarstenFundamental Chess EndingsGambit Publications2001
60Muller & Frank LamprechtKarstenSecrets of Pawn EndingsGambit Publications2008
61Muller & Wolfgang PajekenKarstenHow to Play Chess EndgamesGambit Publications2008
62NeishstadtYakovImprove Your Chess TacticsNew in Chess2011
63NimzowitschAronChess PraxisQuality Chess2007
64NimzowitschAronMy SystemQuality Chess2007
65NunnJohnNunn's Chess Endings (Volumes 1 and 2)Gambit Publications2010
66NunnJohnSecrets of Practical Chess (new enlarged ed)Gambit Publications2007
67NunnJohnUnderstanding Chess Endgames: Key Concepts ExplainedGambit Publications2009
68NunnJohnUnderstanding Chess MiddlegamesGambit Publications2011
69PolgarJuditJudit Polgar Teaches Chess (series)Quality Chess2012-2013
70PsakhisLevAdvanced Chess TacticsQuality Chess2011
71RetiRichardModern Ideas in ChessRussell Enterprises2010
72RowsonJonathanChess for Zebras: Thinking Differently about Black and WhiteGambit Publications2005
73RowsonJonathanThe Seven Deadly Chess SinsGambit Publications2000
74SadlerMatthewStudy Chess with Matthew SadlerEveryman Chess2012
75ShereshevskyMikhailEndgame StrategyCadogan Chess1994
76ShirovAlexeiFire on Board (volumes 1 and 2)Everyman Chess1996 and 2005
77SilmanJeremyHow to Reassess Your Chess - 4th editionSiles Press2010
78SilmanJeremySilman's Complete Endgame CourseSiles Press2007
79SilmanJeremyThe Amateur's MindSiles Press1999
80SmithAxelPump up Your RatingQuality Chess2013
81SokolovIvanWinning Chess MiddlegamesNew in Chess2009
82SokolovIvanSacrifice and Initiative in ChessNew in Chess2013
83SoltisAndrewPawn Structure ChessBatsford Chess2013
84SoltisAndrewHow to Choose a Chess MoveBatsford Chess2005
85SoltisAndrewrethinking the chess piecesBatsford Chess2004
86SoltisAndrewStudying Chess Made EasyBatsford Chess2010
87SteanMichaelSimple Chess (New Algebraic edition)Dover Publications2002
88StohlIgorInstructive Modern Chess MasterpiecesGambit Publications2009
89SubaMihailDynamic Chess Strategy: Extended & Updated EditionNew in Chess2010
90TalMikhailTal-Botvinnik 1960Russell Enterprises2001
91TalMikhailThe Life and Games of Mikhail TalEveryman Chess1997
92Tal & Alexander KoblencsMikhailStudy Chess with TalBatsford Chess2013
93TimmanJanArt of Chess AnalysisCadogan Chess1997
94TimmanJanOn the AttackNew in Chess2006
95TimmanJanPower Chess with PiecesNew in Chess2004
96TukmakovVladimirModern Chess PreparationNew in Chess2012
87TukmakovVladimirProfession: ChessplayerRussell Enterprises2012
98Uhlmann & Gerhard SchmidtWolfgangOpen Files: The Road into the Enemy PositionEdition Olms Zurich2009
99Van PerloG.C.Endgame Tactic´sNew in Chess2006
100Van Wijgerden & Rob BruniaCorLearning Chess Workbook: The Step-by-Step Method (series)Van Wijgerden2004-2005
101Volokitin & Vladimir GrabinskyAndreiPerfect your ChessGambit Publications2007
102VukovicVladimirArt of Attack in Chess: 2008 reprint of a ClassicEveryman Chess2008
103WatsonJohnChess Strategy in ActionGambit Publications2003
104WatsonJohnMastering the Chess Opening (Volumes 1-4)Gambit Publications2006-2010
105WatsonJohnSecrets of Modern Chess StrategyGambit Publications1998
106WebbSimonChess for TigersBatsford Chess2005
107YakovichYuriSicilian AttacksNew in Chess2010
108YermolinskyAlexThe Road to Chess ImprovementGambit Publications1999
109YusupovArturBeyond the Basics (3 Volumes)Quality Chess2008-2011
110YusupovArturMastery (3 volumes)Quality Chess2009-2012
111YusupovArturThe Fundamental Series (3 Volumes)Quality Chess2008-2011
Proposed Books For Trainers
NAuthorTitlePublisherYear of Publication
1AgdesteinSimenHow Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Grandmaster (prev released Wonderboy)New in Chess2013
2Bosch, Steve GiddinsJeroenThe Chess Instructor 2009New in Chess2008
3De la Villa GarciaJesus100 Endgames You Must KnowNew in Chess2008
4DvoretskyMarkDvoretsky´s Endgame Manual: 3rd (revised and enlarged) editonRussell Enterprises2011
5Dvoretsky & Arthur YusupovMarkSchool of Future Champions - 5 volumesEdition Olms Zurich2006-2009
6FischerRobert JamesMy 60 Memorable GamesBatsford Chess2008
7GrootenHermanChess Strategy for ClubplayersNew in Chess2009
8HendriksWillyMove First, Think LaterNew in Chess2012
9KasparovGarryModern Chess (volumes I-IV)Everyman Chess2007-2010
10KasparovGarryMy Great Predecessors (volumes I-V)Everyman Chess2003-2006
11MarinMihailLearn from the LegendsQuality Chess2006
12Muller & Frank LamprechtKarstenFundamental Chess EndingsGambit Publications2001
13NimzowitschAronChess PraxisQuality Chess2007
14NimzowitschAronMy SystemQuality Chess2007
15NunnJohnUnderstanding Chess MiddlegamesGambit Publications2011
16PopovVladimirChess Lessons: Achieve a Deeper Understanding of ChessQuality Chess2011
17RomanovskyPeterSoviet Middlegame TechniqueQuality Chess2013
18RowsonJonathanChess for Zebras: Thinking Differently about Black and WhiteGambit Publications2005
19RowsonJonathanThe Seven Deadly Chess SinsGambit Publications2000
20Van Delft & Merijn van DelftKarelDeveloping Chess TalentKVDC; www.chesstalent.com2010
21Van Wijgerden & Rob BruniaCorManual for Chess Trainers: The Step-by-Step Method (series)Van Wijgerden2004-2005
22WatsonJohnSecrets of Modern Chess StrategyGambit Publications1998
23YermolinskyAlexThe Road to Chess ImprovementGambit Publications1999