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RobboLito 0.085g3


RobboLito is an extremely strong open-source UCI chess engine by:
Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, and Roberto Pescatore

RobboLito is a UCI windows 'console' application, meaning that it has no GUI (graphical user interface). there are several free programs that provide a GUI, along with a rich set of user-friendly features. three of the most popular free GUIs are: winboard, chess-gui, and arena

RobboLito does not yet support:
own book
multiple CPUs/cores
chess variants

~ 3300 ELO

RobboLito 0.085g3 w32

(optimized windows 32-bit executable and source code)

(optimized windows 32-bit executable - for older CPUs that don't support Intel SSE2 instruction set)

RobboLito 0.085g3_x64
(fast windows 64-bit PGO executable
compiled by peterpan)

RobboLito 0.085g3l_x86
(optimized linux 64-bit executable and source code
ported to linux by

has been completely translated from Italo-Albanian to English, and it does not include any of RobboLito's original tablebase code (v. 0.084). these tablebases are not needed, as RobboLito demonstrates extremely strong endgame play without them. the engine recognizes many draws and solves endgame positions that even Rybka 3 and other commercial programs miss.

RobboLito UCI Options:

MPH (Move on Ponderhit) -> Never, Sometimes, Always ...if predicted move is played by opponent, make move
default = 'Sometimes'...if move = EASY (i.e. when it's a no brainer!)
RobboLito is not a 'clone' of Rybka 3, as some may like you's very different.

please click here for a detailed comparision
detailed history/major changes:

RobboLito 0.085g3
bishop/knight evaluation fix
ponder bug fixed
time management changes
BTF removed
code cleanup
code translation

RobboLito 0.085e4
TM reduced to OTM
OTF -> BTF (Blitz Time Factor)
exponential scale-factor replaces less efficient blitz if/else clause from e1

RobboLito 0.085e3
MOPH 'sometimes' bug fix

RobboLito 0.085e2
32-bit executable optimization
SSE2 enabled, floating point model -> fast
speed increase +10%
default time management improved
OTF default = 22

RobboLito 0.085e1
UCI Ponderhit Move -> Move on Ponderhit
is now combo box: Never, Sometimes, Always
Sometimes = default (if move is EASY, i.e. a recapture, etc.)
no longer loses lightning/blitz no increment games

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